Magnificant Confessions of an Over-Sharer (firekite) wrote in joshua_tree_ca,
Magnificant Confessions of an Over-Sharer

The path to Barker Dam

Skull Rock
Skull Rock

The park has Indian cave paintings and Disney came out to film them back in the 1950's (or so). The sad thing is they didn't think the cave paintings looked pretty enough on camera so they painted over them with brighter colors of paint. LAME. This turtle painting was the only one that wasn't painted over... until now. I'm not sure who did it, but it wasn't yellow a few years back when I last saw it.
Indian cave paintings

"oh look Mommy! A puppy dog!"

Cap Rock. Who knows how many hundreds of years this rock has been balancecd on practically nothing.
Cap Rock

The cactus garden was an amazing sight with the sun back-lighting thousands of huge cacti...
Cactus Garden
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